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BrightStar Coaching 

illuminate the pathways of your heart.

Life Coaching & Creativity Coaching with Cyncie Winter, Licensed Professional Counselor, MH, MA, LPC

We are living in an unparalleled time of change.



It might feel scary.

Everyone carries a Bright Star that shines within them. It is a light that illuminates, guides, provides direction, soulful purpose, and unique expression—a beacon of hope and clarity for paths of the heart.


When we are seeking what we are meant to do in this life, to find that North Star within, we awaken to our heart’s Calling, and the beautiful questions, “What makes me come alive?  What is this life becoming?  What direction is my spirit taking me?”


Your Bright Star knows what it needs to bring light and purpose to your Calling.  But sometimes, an inward quest for answers can dim our light and creativity by presenting issues that can cloud clarity, or eclipse us with negative feelings, self-doubt, or anxiety.


When this happens, it can be very helpful to talk with a life coach or therapist to clear space for what has been waiting to emerge, and help your light shine brightly on your heart’s path as it did before.


Come.  Join me. 


Together, we will draw from a reservoir of expertise and a rich variety of tools to create your life as a work of heart.

Create your life as a work of heart.

T E S T I M O N I A L S 

"What can I say about my experience with Cyncie and Bright Star Coaching, except that it has been life-changing. Cyncie has a way of honoring whatever I am experiencing that helps me see the path ahead of me. She selflessly shares her deep wisdom while allowing me to choose my path toward my heart’s calling. I keep asking myself how I became so lucky to know her and to be able to work with her. Truly, my life is better because of my time with Cyncie, and I am so grateful. "

- A Client

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