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Designed specifically to lift and shift the experience of your creative life in its multiple expressions.


The curriculum for these trainings allows you to do in-depth study by exploring vital information from books written by esteemed experts in the field of creativity. Together, we will investigate their ideas and apply journaling and the creative process to address your personal goals.

These courses are the result of years of developing and teaching the creative process to an international online community as a faculty member of the Therapeutic Writing Institute, The Center for Journal Therapy.  This course of study includes a Creative Muse-ings Study Guide, designed to apply the concepts of the course to your writing practice in between sessions. 

  • Big Magic: 6 Session Commitment
    BIG MAGIC: CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR BY ELIZABETH GILBERT As a highly successful author, Elizabeth Gilbert knows the pitfalls and territory of the creative path. In this wise and empathetic book, she teaches us how to move beyond fear to manifest a curiosity-driven life. Sprinkled with seasoned wisdom, this delightful book can help us reframe and transform our attitudes and behaviors as creatives. This commitment is for 6 sessions for $600 ​
  • Fearless Creating: 8 Session Commitment
    FEARLESS CREATING: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO STARTING AND COMPLETING YOUR WORK OF ART ​BY ERIC MAISEL Eric Maisel’s excellent book provides time-honored tools for navigating the creative process and retaining personal sanity. We will investigate the Six Stages of the Creative Process-- Wishing, Choosing, Starting, Working, Completing, and Showing--as well as the natural anxieties that accompany those stages, and ways to manage the things that would impede us from expressing our deepest creative potential. This commitment is for 8 sessions for $800 ​
  • The Thirsty Well: 8 Session Commitment
    THE THIRSTY WELL: SOURCING THE DEEP CREATIVE DEVELOPED BY CYNCIE WINTER,AFTER AN ARCHETYPAL FAIRYTALE BY LAURENCE HOUSMAN The Thirsty Well lies within all of us. It is that part of us that longs to express our innate creativity, that part whose thirst may have remained unquenched as a result of the demands of our jobs, the voices of our inner gargoyles, or the noisy clattering of an over-culture that has stifled our ability to harvest our inner wisdom. Based on the delightful archetypal fairytale, “The Bound Princess” by Laurence Housman, this course will explore our deep potential to quench our creative thirst, to plumb our inner resources, and to encourage our natural, vibrant creativity to emerge as a source of wisdom and guidance. This commitment is for 8 sessions for $800 ​

A La Carte Creativity Coaching

A La Carte creativity coaching provides flexibility for coaching when and how you need it, on a pay-as-you-go plan.  This approach is best used in combination with the packaged plans, or when you need a quick tune-up should you run into any intermediate roadblocks.

The frequency of coaching sessions depends on your stated objectives. If you request only one session to address a specific issue, it will be a 2-hour session at a cost of $220. 

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