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NURTURING Your Creative Spirit: Forging a Life of Meaning

​It takes time and commitment to manifest change in our creative lives.  While individuals may elect a single session to address a challenge in their creative output, it can be more productive to choose a package where ongoing sessions can provide the deep and lasting change we are seeking.

These packages are designed for those who are committed to empowering and strengthening their creativity by working on the issues that might block and stall their creative output.


Designed specifically to lift and shift the experience of your creative life in its multiple expressions.


The curriculum for these trainings allows you to do in-depth study by exploring vital information from books written by esteemed experts in the field of creativity. Together, we will investigate their ideas and apply journaling and the creative process to address your personal goals.

These courses are the result of years of developing and teaching the creative process to an international online community as a faculty member of the Therapeutic Writing Institute, The Center for Journal Therapy.  This course of study includes a Creative Muse-ings Study Guide, designed to apply the concepts of the course to your writing practice in between sessions. 

A La Carte Creativity Coaching

A La Carte creativity coaching provides flexibility for coaching when and how you need it, on a pay-as-you-go plan.  This approach is best used in combination with the packaged plans, or when you need a quick tune-up should you run into any intermediate roadblocks.

The frequency of coaching sessions depends on your stated objectives. If you request only one session to address a specific issue, it will be a 2-hour session at a cost of $220. 

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