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Working Together


  • Bring a spirit of flexibility and openness to our work together

  • Be willing to commit to change on behalf of your goal

  • Practice the therapeutic tools we explore during therapy sessions

  • Believe that it is possible to shift your experience of life

  • Practice tenacity and self-care

Who can a coach help?
  • People in transition

  • Individuals yearning to manifest a dream

  • Anyone looking for their "North Star"

  • Creatives seeking freedom of expression or those experiencing creative block

What to expect
  • Clarity about who YOU are, and where you're going 

  • Greater meaning and satisfaction in your life

  • More Freedom & excitement about creative expression

  • Deeper connection to your spiritual path

  • Ability to overcome obstacles that may have blocked you in the past 

Why choose BrightStar?

Cyncie's unique background weaves together decades of wisdom earned from life experience as a working artist, licensed therapist, and certified Kaizen-Muse Creativty Coach™.


Distance sessions (Zoom, Skype, Facetime) available.

Request A Life Coaching Appointment
With Cyncie Winter

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Prior to Your First Appointment...

Please review, sign and scan a copy of the Professional Disclosure Statement below.


Email your scanned documents to

I have one final form for you to complete online.


Please scan your completed copy of the Life Coaching Client Intake Form below.

Email your scanned documents to

I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you!

If You're Unable to Scan Your Documents Via Computer...

You can download a free scanning app on your phone like "Fast Scanner." 

Please try this one or something equivalent because cell phone photos are not clear enough.


CLICK HERE to download Fast Scanner for iPhone

CLICK HERE to download Fast Scanner for Androids

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