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Finding Your Bright Star

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ”

© Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”

When I was a little girl living in Wisconsin, I climbed trees. The pear tree and boxelder tree in the backyard. The oak tree across the street. It was a wild and precious thing to do, to feel the rough bark, to smell the deep fragrant green of leaves and hear them fluttering in the wind, to sit quietly among the birds.

But most of all, I climbed trees to be closer to the stars.

Later, when I moved to the mountains in Colorado, I would lie in the sweet darkness watching the stars quietly wander…or sometimes shoot with fire— streak across the velvet sky. I would listen for their songs. And I would wonder about my life.

Mary Oliver’s most excellent question about what we might want to do with our “one wild and precious life” is one that is worth holding.

What things do you hold that are wild and precious? That touch your heart? That bring joy power, purpose, and deeper meaning to your life?

And how do we go about finding the Bright Star that illuminates a path of heart in our life? That answers the question “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

It is a journey that I am speaking about, of course.

A journey that can be deeply gratifying and fulfilling.

A journey that taps into our courage, intuition, and wisdom about what we might be given to do in this life.

A journey that shines the light of our unique brilliance—our Bright Star—on the path of our lives, as a way to truly and deeply Belong to ourselves.

It can feel more than a bit overwhelming to try to figure out what the heart’s path might look like. And it’s also perfectly normal to experience getting bogged down in the Dismal Swamp—a metaphor, that I am sure you understand.

That’s when meeting with a coach who brings lots of real-life and professional experience to discuss creative solutions can be helpful, so you can move forward with ease.

And sometimes, it just takes a little time to figure out What’s Next.

As a person who has climbed a few trees—and fallen out of them more than once—I know what all of this feels like. I know from personal experience, that this is an heroic journey at the very least. I know that we can receive an invitation several times in our lives to look for that Bright Star, and we can also forget that it is there. And I know how beautiful it is to be True to Yourself.

Contact me, and we can talk about what it all might look like for you.

Cyncie Winter’s practice has been honed by decades of having traveled along life’s paths herself. She brings a warm, intuitive, and compassionate approach, to help others create their lives as a work of heart. Weaving together her skills as a therapist, life coach, and creativity coach, she provides integrated guidance to support personal direction, balance and expression, to enhance heartfelt vision.


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