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Nurturing Your Creative Spirit During Tough Times

© Andy Goldsworthy ...The Importance of Just Listening --by Cyncie Winter, Life Coach, Creativity Coach and Professional Artist We are witnessing incredibly difficult things happening in the world right now, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless and despairing.  Most of my clients bring their legitimate concerns to sessions, asking important questions like “What can I possibly do right now?” and “How can I use my creativity to address what is going on?” I am asking the same questions myself, and while I can easily admit that I don’t know the answers, I find that if I open myself to accessing the quiet space of wisdom inside, I can find something that will resonate within that can nurture my creative spirit and provide a little path through the dark forest toward the light that lies in the clearing beyond—on behalf of both myself and others. Mary Oliver’s exquisite poem below offers an illustration of the spaciousness that is possible if we can learn open to Just Listening, and to obey the mysterious wisdom that come from Hushing and Holding. “Just a minute,” said a voice… Just a minute,” said a voice in the weeds. So I stood still in the day’s exquisite early morning light and so I didn’t crush with my great feet any small or unusual thing just happening to pass by where I was passing by on my way to the blueberry fields, and maybe it was the toad and maybe it was the June beetle and maybe it was the pink and tender worm who does his work without limbs or eyes and does it well or maybe it was the walking stick, still frail and walking humbly by, looking for a tree, or maybe, like Blake’s wondrous meeting, it was the elves, carrying one of their own on a rose-petal coffin away, away into the deep grasses. After awhile the quaintest voice said, “Thank you.” And then there was silence. For the rest, I would keep you wondering. © Mary Oliver So I practiced doing that very thing this morning, sitting in the strange sunlight, made all hazy by the many fires that have been burning.  My beautiful golden retriever plunked down beside me, protecting us from errant bees.  We were very quiet together, watching birds flitter and soar around us.  After a good time of breathing and asking intentional questions, I arrived at some answers.  "Draw this," said the Kind Voice, "and send good prayers for safety and well-being and lovingkindness in the world as you do it." It may not sound like much, but it was a beginning.  “Thank you,” I said.  And then there was silence.  For the rest, I would keep you wondering. That’s what our creativity has the power to do.  If we create with intentionality, it can be a way for us all to lean into each other so we can manifest what we are called to do in the world.   In the meantime, check out my fall offerings on my Brightstar Journey of the Heart Program--offered at half price....and take good care of yourselves!

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