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Dream Tending


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Dream Tending is about working with our dreams in a way that invites us to experience our Paths of the Heart. Using proven techniques, we will explore the often puzzling landscapes and images that come to us in our dreamtime that can allow us ot open our hearts to the wisdom that we carry within to find direction for our daily lives. 

In this way, working with our dreams - even our nightmares and repetitive themes - can be Medicines for the Soul* and carry a powerful capacity to meld the conscious, and unconscious parts of our lives as a healing force that can dream our hearts awake. 

Since artistic expression can work in synergy with our dreams to strengthen our experience with them, I will also be offering strategies for the non-artist to Dream Your Heart Awake. 

medicine  for  the  soul.



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Prepare for
Your First Session

With an excellent book by Marilyn O'Brien.

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Marilyn O'Brien's outstanding book,  For the Love of Dream:

Intro to Tending Your Nighttime Dreams, provides guidelines on how to remember

and record your dreams. I highly recommend this book!

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Begin Recording
Your Dreams

In the following way:

1. Keep a journal and pen beside your bed.

2. When you awaken, try to stay in the liminal (in-between) space of sleeping and waking to begin to recall what you dreamed, Do a review before rising. 

3. Write the date of the dream. Write the dream in present tense, i.e., "Whale is swimming in River." Use Whale and not just "a whale." You are naming it and inviting it to have full presence with you in the way. 

4. Give as much description as possible - the time of day, era, landscape, characters.

5. Make a note or two of what happened in the last couple of days. 

6. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, you can ask for help from Dream Psyche. Say "I would like to begin remembering my dreams. I need your help, and will do my part, in writing my dreams in my journal." 

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Schedule a Dream Tending Session

With Cyncie

Our session will be most helpful to you if you have recorded

at least one dream that we can dive into together.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Tending

Dream Tending


With Cyncie Winter

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Begin Dream Tending
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